Till Divorce Do Us Part E-Book

Till Divorce Do Us Part: Righting All the Wrong Divorce Doctrine Commonly Taught from the Bible that Keeps Men in Miserable Marriages – $7.99

Till Divorce Do Us Part

Here’s Your Chance to Divorce all the False Doctrine that Keeps You from Divorcing an Abusive Spouse.

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This book is written for innocent men who were taught to believe “Till Death Do Us Part.” That they may learn their way out of miserable marriages which they keep themselves in. Cause they were falsely taught by Christian Ministers that they can only divorce their wife if she commits adultery. The only commitment by both spouses is to God. The wife who doesn’t commit herself to being under the authority of her husband as God ordained, has committed a breach of promise to God, and has commenced the divorce, without her having to have another man. You will learn this and much more when you read this book.

Here’s A Preview of What You’ll Expect to Learn…

  • What Jesus said in Matthew 19:9 has nothing to do with a Disobedient Wife.
  • The Ambivalent Doctrine of the Gender-Equality Wife.
  • The Correct Context of Malachi 2:16 of God Hating Abuse, not Hating Divorce in itself.
  • Social Creationism which is God’s intentions for Human Relationships, not Social Darwinism.
  • Which one is actually the “Wrong Choice,” to Disobey or to Put Away a Disobedient Subordinate.
  • Divorcing Your Spouse for a Justifiable Cause versus Divorcing Them for “Every Cause.”
  • The Necessity to live Righteously by living “Without the Woman Around.”
  • And Much More!!

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