The No-Fault Marriage E-Book

The No-Fault Marriage: The Blameless Marriage that is Husband, the Head of Wife, as Explained by the Bible and the Weightier Matters of Judgment, Mercy, and Faith – $7.99

The No-Fault Marriage

Learn Now the Bible’s Way on How to “Man Up”!

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Finally a book written that tells the truth of “Man Up” according to the Bible. To combat and dissipate the feminism and covert emasculation of “Man Up” which come from Modern Preachers.

Feminism in Western Society has co-opted Christianity and has created a dynamic of “So Female created males in her own image, in the image of Female created she him; God and male created she them.”

Instead of what is written:
Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Such upside down hypocrisy and apostasy of “Man Up”  doctrine that comes from many western pulpits, that women are the judges over God and men concerning marriage and manhood is why this book is written. This book promises to accomplish its objective which is to re-establish God’s ordain order of Marriage and Manhood—Man, the Head of Woman (I Corinthians 11:3).

Here’s A Preview of What You’ll Expect to Learn…

  • The Weightier Matters of the Law (Judgment, Mercy, and Faith).
  • Manhood & Integrity and Men Caring for Women and Children is not Always One in the same.
  • The importance of God’s Ordain Order Being Strictly Kept.
  • The Reasons why God Cause Good People to Suffer and Bad People to Prosper.
  • The Importance of Unwavering Belief or Non-Belief for Success in this World.
  • The Importance of [not] following Authorities Who Make Commandments against Reality.
  • The Necessity of God’s Word Being Written by Man and [not] by God First-Hand.
  • The Need to Return Contempt against “Family” and “Friends.”
  • When to Avenge Yourself or “Let Go and Let God.”
  • The Importance of Men Taking Care of Business over “Their Responsibilities.”
  • The Showing of a Lack of Faith in God When Applying Laws Maliciously.
  • And Much More!!

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