The Apostle Paul and The Law E-Book

The Apostle Paul and The Law: The Misuse of Paul’s Homoymic Way of Writing to Create a False Christian Way of Life – $6.99

The Apostle Paul and the Law: Misuse of Paul's Homonymic Way of Writing to Create False Christian Way of Life

Finally Understand the Writings of Paul For Good!

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From reading this book, you will finally and fully understand, the most hard to understand writings in the entire Bible. The confusing writings of Paul! Here and Now is your opportunity to get the understanding you have been wishing and praying for. For a long time the author has studied and dissected the writings of Paul and now he likes to share what he has discovered that all who desire it, may receive superior understanding.

Here’s A Preview of What You’ll Expect to Learn…

  • Grace Supplements “The Law” not Voids the Law.
  • Exactly Why Paul’s Writings are Hard to Understand.
  • Paul’s Teaching Errors That Came from His “Own World.”
  • All Six Sets of Laws Paul Refers to in His Writings.
  • The Doctrine Errors of Antinomians.
  • What “The Law of Sin & Death” Really Means to You and Me.
  • The “One Commandment” of the Law of the Spirit of Life/Grace.
  • The Comparison and Contrasting of the Blood Sacrifice of Christ versus The Law of Animal Sacrifice.
  • Understanding “The Slang” and Homonymic Way of Talking and Writing of First Century Israel.
  • And Much More!!

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