Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Many Western Women can’t be satisfied because they are in a constant state of confusion. They walk around mincing trying to be sexy like a woman, yet they also want to be “the man” (in charge) and control the sexual relationship they are in with a man. Many men who they are in sexual relationships with, they treat like they are only good for money. But when these men give them money that is still not good enough to make them satisfied in the long run. How in the hell a man giving money isn’t good enough, when the woman thinks the man is only good for money? Do you get my drift?

Many Western Women don’t know what they want, because they are in constant state of confusion which brings them much dissatisfaction. You come at them as a very masculine man and they are offended and call you a male chauvinist or a male bigot. You come at them with a “gentleman” like persona and eventually they will be offended and call you a “pussy”, lose sexual attraction for you, and tell you they want a real man. You come at them with a balance between male bravado and a pushover (a “gentleman”), like a real man, and they still are offended and will call you a wanna be “mack daddy.” They don’t know what they want in a man because they don’t know who they are as a woman. They can’t figure out between are they a woman or are they “the man” (in charge). So, it’s impossible for a man to have a balance relationship with them of masculine and feminine energy circulating because these types of women keep switching their gender in search of their gender. They are stuck in this state of ambivalence (double mindedness) about their gender, so subsequently, their actions will be duplicity (double dealing) toward their mate. What man in his right mind wants to deal with a woman full of double dealing because she is double minded about her gender?

Of-course what I am saying here isn’t indicative of all western women but it’s just so many of them that this issue must be addressed and acknowledged.

When a man makes a Covenant of Life and Peace with a woman, he expects just that, Life and Peace. He wants to feel at ease when he is around his spouse; and should expect to feel at ease when he is around his spouse. There is no place in a marriage for a woman who is all about Death & War and Confusion & Duplicity. The man who is in that situation needs to get out of that mess, that type of woman can’t be satisfied.

Women primarily want their man to make them feel a certain way. And some women will still stick with a man no matter how he makes her look, as long as he makes her feel like she wants to feel. On the other hand, men in general primarily want their woman to make them look a certain way. And some men will stick with a woman no matter how she makes him feel, as long as she makes him look like he wants to look. With all that said, if a woman is confused on how she wants to feel—like a woman or like “the man”—than how is that going to make her man LOOK! It’s going to make her man look like he can’t satisfy his woman. And you know what follows a man who is known not to be able to satisfy his woman—Emasculation!

It isn’t a good look for a man to be unable to satisfy his woman in any capacity. A man understanding that he isn’t satisfying his woman because she is confused on how she wants to feel, between her wanting to feel like a woman or feel like “the man,” will be very important information to his ego and his “social alibi.” He will know that it isn’t his fault for some incompetence in him that he can’t “satisfy” his woman. But the fault lies upon his confused and insatiable woman who is dissatisfied with her own confusion in not knowing how she wants to feel—like a woman or like “the man.”

Considering the scripture “Can two walk together except they be agreed”—Amos 3:3, a man and a woman in a sexual relationship are not going to be able to walk together if they can’t agree on who is going to be “the man” (in charge) in the relationship.

Plus, you have the confused-dissatisfied woman who can’t agree with herself about whether if she wants to feel like a woman or does she want to feel like “the man.” So, since this type of woman can’t even agree with herself, meaning she can’t even be in harmony with herself, you know she isn’t going to be able to be in harmony with someone else in a sexual relationship.

You can see confused-dissatisfied women walking around teary eyed, mumbling to their self, looking sad for apparently no reason, petulant in their behavior, always expressing irrational anger, and more than anything, they complain and complain some more. They internally feel so much pain for being so confused and so dissatisfied. There is nothing a man can do for them, because these women must agree with themselves FIRST—finally deciding that they want to feel like a woman rather than feel like “the man,” before they will be able to “walk and agree” with a man (head of woman) in a sexual relationship.

Modern Ministers always see a dissatisfied woman as the fault of her husband. To them, the husband must not be doing something right and everything wrong (because women can’t do anything wrong according to them). So since in their eyes the man is guilty for the woman’s dissatisfaction, he can’t dare divorce her. He must be “a man” and fix the problem—this dissatisfaction—that he supposedly created in her.

Some men under these Minister’s tutelage fall for this. Man, if you don’t stop listening to these Preachers and let that woman go about her business, and let that woman depart in unbelief of God, because there is nothing you can do for her, she will always be in constant state of dissatisfaction. She is confused between does she want to feel like a woman or does she want to feel like “the man.” And you will be in a constant state of emasculation which will make you feel dissatisfied with you dealing with such a dissatisfied woman, because it will look like to you and everyone else that you can’t satisfy your woman.

You should know already that female appeasing Preachers are going to be bias toward the woman. Because to female appeasing Preachers, “there is no such thing as a dissatisfied woman, there are only incompetent men.” Not only are confused women impossible to satisfy, but Preachers—whose doctrine is that a man can’t put away his wife no matter what she does or say (except for adultery)—are hard to satisfy as well because they are confused! They are confused between husbands being the head of their wives versus husbands putting away their wives for their constant disobedience. Why even try to satisfy a Female Appeasing Preacher? Be strong a remove yourself from their exactions which includes but is not limited to, their doctrine of husbands not being able to put away their wives no matter what their wives do or say (except for adultery).

The confused woman’s dissatisfaction isn’t your problem it’s her problem. “If you didn’t break it, than you don’t have to fix it.” Let the dissatisfied woman depart in unbelief of God. “O husband, who is to say whether thou shalt save thy wife from her dissatisfaction.”                                                           

I Corinthians 7:15-16 But if the unbelieving depart, let him (or her) depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace. For what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save thy husband? or how knowest thou, O man, whether thou shalt save thy wife.”

You don’t have to deal with the bull-shit brother, let the confused-dissatisfied woman depart in unbelief of God, and you depart in belief of God and put away the dissatisfied woman.


This was the Doctrine of the Gathering of Israel


Jehoiada Israel