The Gathering of Israel (The GOI) is a Christian Organization that teaches the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation out of the King James Version of the Bible.

We believe according to what is written in the Bible that Jesus Christ is the King of Israel and the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob in the Old Testament, who will establish his kingdom on the earth at his second coming. We also believe in God, the Father who sent Jesus in his name to be a sacrifice for the remission of sins for God’s people. Who will bring down New Jerusalem and establish his kingdom on the earth after the White Throne Judgment.

We keep God’s commandments as were written by Moses, the great prophet, and believe in the death & resurrection, and baptism of Jesus Christ to be saved.

We are black people in the Western Hemisphere who claim and can prove we are the Priest of God; we are the seed of Abraham; and we are the children of Israel as identified by the curses that would fall upon the children of Israel if they had disobeyed God (Deuteronomy 28th chapter), which our ancestors did.

Gathering the Children of Israel (Physical and Spiritual Israel) away from the corrupt ways of the world unto the bosom of God the Father, and unto our Lord Jesus Christ is our ministry.

We understand and keep all things concerning the Law of God, including his Sabbath Day (Ex 20:8-11), his feast days (Lev 23rd chapter), his dietary law (Lev 11th chapter), the circumcision, loving thy neighbor thyself, and many other things such as Man, the Head of Woman.

Because the corruption of feminism has penetrated and overtaken Christianity, including Israelite Christianity, this blog and organization will put its main focus on replenishing Man, the Head of Woman as God commanded in the beginning, until further notice. Still, we will sprinkle in a post here and there concerning the great many other things in the Word of GOD.

Feel free to enjoy the Post in this Blog by the GOI.

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Thank You for taking your for time to learn from us the sweet Word of God. Our Hard Work is not in Vain.


Jehoiada Israel